Hawks’ Spirit Soars Despite Defeat to 7 Stars

In Wednesday nights Division 3 MDNL league match, Henley Hawks 4 faced a formidable opponent in 7 Stars. Despite their best efforts, Hawks found themselves trailing throughout the game. The first quarter saw 7 Stars take a commanding lead of 13-2, setting the tone for the match. By halftime, 7 Stars had extended their lead to 18-6.
In the third quarter, Hawks fought hard but struggled to gain momentum, with 7 Stars continuing to dominate, leading 28-7. Despite their valiant efforts, Hawks couldn’t match the precision of 7 Stars’ shooting, and the match concluded with a final score of 38-10 in favor of 7 Stars.
GK Juliet Machan, GD Michelle Thornley in at defence, and Lisa Kingham in at WD worked tirelessly to stem the tide of 7 Stars’ attacks, but they were up against a relentless opponents. Elise Russell provided leadership in the center, while WA Vicky Tebbutt and Belle Tebbutt manoeuvred skill fully in GA. Jess O’Sullivan fought hard as GD, but 7 Stars’ flawless shooting proved too much to overcome.
Despite the loss, Hawks demonstrated unwavering spirit and determination throughout the match, showcasing the resilience that defines their team. Congratulations to both teams for a hard-fought game, with 7 Stars emerging victorious with an impressive display of consistency and accuracy.
Kit sponsored by Hart Street Tavern & Tara Neil Kitchens.
From left to right front – Lisa Kingham – Michelle Thornley – Jess O’Sullivan
From left to right back – Belle Tebbutt – Juliet Machan – Vicky Tebbutt

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