Henley Hawks 3 Get Victory Again Over Assassins in Top of the Table Clash

In a gripping encounter between Henley Hawks 3 and the top of the table Assassins in the MDNL Division 3 league, Hawks 3 showcased their determination and skill as they triumphed in each quarter against the league leaders. With only one previous defeat inflicted on Assassins by Hawks 3, the stakes were high.
The match kicked off with GK Lucy Sharman-Munday standing firm in goal for Hawks 3, while GD Emma Garrett and WD Clare McCarthy formed an unyielding defensive partnership. Led by C Amber Tate, Hawks 3’s center court was a hub of activity, with WA Sasha Reed and GA Millie Roberts darting and weaving in the attacking third, supported by GS Totie Thomas’s precision in the shooting circle.
From the outset, Hawks 3 set the tempo, taking the lead and maintaining their advantage throughout the first quarter, ending 5-7 in their favor. Undeterred by Assassins’ reputation, Hawks 3 continued to dominate, stretching their lead to 8-12 by halftime.
As the game progressed into the third quarter, Hawks 3 remained relentless in their pursuit of victory, extending their lead further to 12-16. However, midway through the quarter, Hawks 3 faced a setback with an injury, Impact player Marieke’s entry injected fresh energy and impetus into Hawks 3’s attacking lineup, with Sasha Reed adapting seamlessly to the WD position.
Despite Assassins’ valiant attempts to rally, Hawks 3 maintained their composure and control, ultimately emerging triumphant with a final score of 15-26. The victory was a testament to Hawks 3’s teamwork, resilience, and unwavering determination to succeed against the odds.
As the final whistle blew, Hawks 3 celebrated their hard-earned victory, proving that with grit and unity, they could conquer even the toughest opponents.
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From Left to right Front – Sasha Reed – Emma Garrett – Millie Roberts
From left to right Back – Lucy Sharman-Munday – Amber Tate – Totie Thomas – Marieke Fox – Clare McCarthy

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