Top Pieces of Tech To Help Your Elderly Relative To Thrive

Think iPhones and smart devices are all about young people? Think again!

As the West is seeing a growing elderly population, there are more devices than ever to help older people keep track of their health, keep in touch with loved ones and, of course, to keep their minds active and healthy.

So, whether your elderly relative lives with you or is living in a care home, what are some of the best bits of tech to give them to help them stay mentally and physically active? Read on to find out!

Smart Heating

Smart thermostats or heating devices are becoming more common in elderly homes and can even be found in a Signature Care Home in Hertford. These allow you (or your relative) to place a timer on when the heating will turn on and off and, in some cases, in which rooms of the home it needs to be on. This helps your relative to keep better track of their money in relation to heating bills and prevents wasted energy. They can even control some smart heating devices from their phone!

Smart Lighting

Again, whether your relative lives at home with you, or is in a care home, there are a lot of options for them to look into with smart lighting. Much like the heating, these bulbs can be pre-programmed to turn on at set times and, if they are connected to an outside camera, may even be motion activated. This will help your loved one to feel safe and will also help with electricity bills.

Camera Doorbells

If your elderly relative has mobility issues or is anxious about answering the front door, then you need to look into getting their home fitted with a camera doorbell. This will allow them to survey the outside of their home from any place in the house and will allow them to avoid certain people; most people with a camera doorbell use it solely for that purpose!

AI Assistants

Most people in 2024 have an AI assistant in their home, whether it is an Alexa or a Google Home. If your relative is someone who loves music or simply wants an option for them to voice control other devices in their home (such as the aforementioned smart lights and thermostat), then an AI assistant is ideal for them. These devices can help with online shopping and alarm settings to keep them in a routine and will even remind them about appointments, thus helping to keep them independent.

Monitoring Devices

A lot of people have invested in smartwatches, so it should come as no surprise that these devices have been adapted to help monitor older people. These are, in essence, replacing the fall alarms that older people used to carry and, instead, keep track of their heart rate and their blood pressure and can send alerts to their relative’s phones or computers, even if the wearer isn’t conscious. So, you and your older relative don’t need to worry about them falling and not being found for days, as an alert will be sent when the device detects anything odd.


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