Hawks and Newlife Deliver Netball Masterclass: Intense Battle Ends in Heart-Pounding Draw

In a highly anticipated rematch, the Henley Hawks Mixed Sqaud welcomed Newlife’s Mixed Squads in two electrifying mixed netball games at their home ground.
In the spotlight, the Hawks’ Yellow Team took centre stage against the formidable line-up of Newlife. With England Thorns players among their ranks, Newlife showcased their pedigree, dazzling the players with their exceptional talent and skill.
As the game began, the Hawks’ attack wasted no time in getting into action. GS Kate Tremayne and GA Stephen Kelly worked in perfect harmony in the shooting circle, their movements fluid and coordinated. With a swift passes from C Dani Marine Florido, Tremayne positioned herself for the shot, and without hesitation, she sent the ball sailing through the net, earning the Hawks their first goal of the match. Newlife retaliated fiercely, but the Hawks’ defence, led by the formidable duo of GD Claire Moyses and GK Javi Marine Florido, stood tall, intercepting passes and disrupting their opponents’ rhythm. With each turnover, the Hawks surged forward, extending their lead with every well-executed play. The first quarter ended with the Hawks leading 15-10, sending waves of excitement through their team mates.

As the second quarter commenced, Newlife regrouped and came out with renewed determination. They tightened their defence, putting pressure on the Hawks’ attack and forcing turnovers. However, the Hawks remained composed. Lou Todd, operating as WA, provided crucial support on the wing, delivering precise passes to her teammates in the shooting circle. Meanwhile, Andy Phillips was called into action in the shooting circle. His arrival injected fresh energy and symmetry, maintaining the same level of intensity as Kelly. With pinpoint accuracy, Phillips delivered more crucial goals that kept the Hawks in contention. Additionally, Emma Robinson, playing as WD, showcased her defensive skills, relentlessly contesting every ball and frustrating the Newlife attackers. Despite the increased resistance from Newlife, C Dani Marine Flordio showcased unwavering determination throughout the game. Despite facing relentless pressure from the opposition, Dani remained unfazed, demonstrating remarkable resilience in both attack and defence. Often double-marked by the opposing team, Dani skilfully navigated through tight spaces, partnered with Lou Todd they consistently found ways to break free and support each other across the court.

The Hawks maintained their lead, finishing the quarter 19-17 ahead.

The third quarter saw Newlife launching a relentless onslaught, determined to turn the tide in their favour. With their England Thorns players leading the charge, Newlife’s attack was relentless, testing the Hawks’ defence to its limits. However, the Hawks refused to buckle under pressure. Javi Marine Florido emerged as a defensive powerhouse at GK, lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable timing frustrating numerous scoring attempts from Newlife. Despite his heroics, Newlife managed to claw their way back, edging ahead by a single point as the quarter ended 30-31 in their favour, setting the stage for a thrilling final quarter.
In the 4th Quarter, with the game hanging in the balance, the tension reached fever pitch as both teams battled tooth and nail for victory. Annabel Garbett leaped into action, offering much-needed defensive power onto the court. She seamlessly slotted into the defensive line-up, providing additional support to her teammates. This change made all the difference in securing the score as it was tied at 34-34. Both teams gave their all in a frenetic final push. Despite their best efforts, neither side could break the deadlock, and the game ended in a thrilling draw, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.
In a display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship, both teams showcased the very best of mixed netball.
Congratulations to Andy Phillips for Player of the match.
Back from left to right – Lou Todd – Annabel Garbett – Andy Philips – Emma Robinson – Stephen Kelly – Javi Marine Florido
Front from left to right – Claire Moyses – Kate Tremayne – Dani Marine Florido 
We are excited for our first National men’s league game next Saturday at home against London Giants Men’s Team 2pm.
Men’s & Mixed Open Session on Sunday 24.03.23, 2.30-4pm at the Henley College Sports Centre. For more information please contact henleyhawksnetball@gmail.com.

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