New Bed Donated to Townlands Hospital in Memory of Former Mayor

A new bed has been donated to Townlands Hospital, thanks to the Friends of Townlands Hospital and Townlands Action Group, in memory of Terry Buckett MBE.

The newly donated bed, which has already been put to use, will primarily serve the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) department. It has already made a significant difference in patient care and comfort.

The bed was gifted in remembrance of Terry Buckett MBE, Henley’s former Mayor and previous Chair of the Townlands Action Group, who played a pivotal role in saving the old hospital back in 2005. To honor his legacy, a commemorative plaque has been fixed to the bed’s frame.

The money to fund the bed was largely raised by Terry Buckett himself through the Townlands Action Group. Peter Ashby, Vice President of Friends of Townlands Hospital and former member of Townlands Action Group, said of Terry, “He was a very charismatic chap, and very popular. He could tap anyone for money, and they raised a lot. After the campaign to save the hospital, there was a bit left over, and when he knew he was dying, he wanted the Friends to look after it. It had been ring fenced to put towards something sooner or later that would be useful to the hospital. The residual funds have gone into this day surgery bed, along with a donation from Friends of Townlands Hospital.”

Caroline Newton, Chair of Friends of Townlands Hospital, said, “The Friends of Townlands Hospital exist to make the experience of people using hospitals better. It’s a real pleasure to be able to add our money to the money of Townlands Action Group to provide this hospital bed. The hospital is doing more and more surgical procedures, just on an outpatient basis, and they didn’t have the right equipment. The surgeons applied to us to see if we would be able to fund this, and we were able to come together with the Townlands Action Group to do that. It’s great – really good news for the people who use the hospital and the people of Henley.”


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