Annual Town Meeting Thursday 28 March at 7.30pm

Henley-on-Thames Town Council

The Town Council within its statutory obligations is entrusted with the calling of an Annual Town Meeting.  As the title of the meeting indicates it is held for the Town, chaired by the Mayor but is not a Town Council meeting.  All electors of the Town (i.e. those on the electoral register) are welcome and may attend.

The agenda papers will contain reports from the Town Council and from District and County Councillors.  The meeting is also an opportunity for local organisations to present reports on their activities. Organisations wishing to submit a typed report are asked to do so at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Reports should be emailed to

The agenda will be available on the Town Council’s web site one week prior to the meeting.  Following the form established in recent years reports will not be presented verbatim but electors and other attendees of the meeting will be able to ask questions on any of the reports or other matters relating to the town.

Details of anyone wishing to join the meeting should be emailed to






Sheridan Jacklin-Edward
Town Clerk                                                                               February 2024


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