Henley Hawks Mixed Blue Team vs. Newlife Mixed Netball Squad

Henley Hawks fielded two teams against Newlife Mixed Netball Squad, boasting England Thorns players among their ranks. The stage was set for an exciting encounter and the players did not disappoint.

Before the match, the atmosphere was charged with anticipation as both teams warmed up on the court. The Henley Hawks Blue Team, having witnessed the impressive performance of their Yellow Team counterparts earlier, were determined to channel that energy into their own match against the some seasoned professionals of the Newlife squad.

From the opening whistle, it was evident that the Blue Team had come prepared to face the challenge head-on. Led by their captain, Linden Glen, they displayed a commendable blend of focus, resilience, and skill. GS Alex Jacob and GA Linden Glen showcased their scoring skills early on, putting pressure on the Newlife defence with their sharp shooting and clever movements in the shooting circle.

In the midcourt, WA Emma Robinson and C Dani Marine Florido worked tirelessly to facilitate play and create scoring opportunities for their team. Their precise passes and strategic positioning kept the Blue Team’s attack flowing smoothly, despite the relentless defensive pressure from the Newlife squad.

In defence, debutant GD Kelan Morris made an immediate impact with his strength and determination, supported by the experienced WD Juliet Machan. Together, they formed a formidable defensive partnership, applying relentless pressure on the Newlife attackers and forcing turnovers. However, it was Sarah Kenyon, at GK, who truly stood out with her exceptional defensive skills and strategic positioning. Kenyon’s ability to anticipate plays and disrupt the opposition’s attacking rhythm was instrumental in keeping the Blue Team in contention throughout the match. Geoff Watts, who played in parts at GD and C, showcased versatility and tenacity, contributing crucial defensive stops and transitions for the team.

Throughout the match, the Blue Team continued to push themselves to new heights, drawing inspiration from each other’s efforts. Impact player Zoe Burroughs came on in the 2nd quarter coming on at GS at crucial moments, injected fresh energy into the lineup and contributed significantly to the team’s efforts.

Despite their best efforts, the Blue Team ultimately fell short against the Newlife squad. However, their performance was nothing short of commendable, as they gained 30 goals over their opponents, showcasing their growth and potential as a team.

As the final hooter sounded, the Blue Team may not have emerged victorious on the scoreboard, but they had undoubtedly won the admiration and respect of their opponents. Their determination, grit, and undeniable talent were on full display, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators and setting the stage for future success in their mixed netball journey.

Final score 56-30 to Newlife.

Congratulations to player of the match Alex Jacob.

From left to right back: Geoff Watts – Alex Jacob – Sarah Kenyon – Emma Robinson – Kelan Morris

From left to right front: – Zoe Burroughs – Juliet Machan – Linden Glen

We are excited for our first National men’s league game next Saturday at home against London Giants Men’s Team 2pm.
Men’s & Mixed Open Session on Sunday 24.03.23, 2.30-4pm at the Henley College Sports Hall. For more information please contact henleyhawksnetball@gmail.com

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