New Supper Club Connects Henley’s Over 60s Through Food and Friendship

A new Henley supper club is set to launch, bringing together local residents aged 60 and above. The supper club offers an informal and friendly setting for single individuals to enjoy meals together.

Recognising the challenge of making new connections in later stages of life, particularly after significant life changes like retirement or loss, the supper club aims to provide a welcoming space where members can come together over a shared love for great food and interesting conversation.

With an emphasis on supporting Henley’s best independent restaurants, including Luscombes in Bell Street and the three venues in the Bottle & Glass group, the club seeks to not only enjoy delicious meals but also contribute to the local hospitality industry, particularly during quieter times.

There is no membership charge, and each person will be responsible for their own restaurant bill. Each meeting will have a maximum of six guests per table, allowing conversation to flow freely and ensuring everyone is heard.

Open to anyone who appreciates great food, stimulating conversation, and laughter, the supper club invites prospective members to sign up through the club’s website, Organisers are available to meet for a coffee or drink beforehand, ensuring that guests already know at least one fellow diner when they join for dinner.

Scheduled to officially launch after Easter, the supper club presents an exciting opportunity for over 60s in Henley to forge new connections and create lasting friendships, all while savouring the best of the town’s culinary scene.

  1. Ann says:

    Who are the organisers of this club? There is no mention of a name anywhere on the website. Is there a Facebook page for event information? The URL is yet in the body of the web page the name is referred to as H-o-T Dinners. It goes on to say “We are a relaxed and informal group, aimed at people looking to make new friends and connections” but who are you?

    • Amy Nicholas says:

      The founder of the group, Sam, did not wish to draw any focus in the article, as it is designed to be an informal and relaxed space without a hierarchy.


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