Jack Brings Ed Sheeran “Shivers” to The Kenton

Music legend Ed Sheeran with his distinct look, voice and guitar playing would be very difficult to replicate you’d think, however Jack Bowater who performed The Ed Sheeran Songbook last Friday night at The Kenton brought “Shivers” to the audience with his uncanny resemblance, incredible voice and musicianship brilliance.

Jack opened the show with the classic, Castle on the Hill getting the audience right to join in right from the start.  Joking afterwards he said, “Gosh it’s close in here isn’t it.  I should have spent more money on my hair!”  He then went on to show how the loop pedal works;  playing back what vocal or instruments he records on one microphone and replaying it via the loop pedal whilst he sings into the other microphone.  He records this all in front of you saying “It could all go wrong!”  As well as his hair, Jack from Sunderland has lost his North-East accent, has sleeve tattoos, black-rimmed glasses and dresses in “fake” Nike high-tops all like the main man himself.

Jack matches Ed for stride in vocal ability, guitar playing and stage presence and his cheek-chappy character is engaging and lovable too.  His set takes you through Ed’s large back catalogue from his humble beginnings to superstar status and includes Bad Habits, Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud (Jack’s favourite Ed Sheeran song), Sing, Galway Girl and Perfect along with a mass-up which includes other big hits from U2 (With or Without You) and Oasis’ Wonderwall.

After returning to the stage for the encore, Jack asked the audience for requests to play which were Bloodstream, Dive and Eyes Closed.  He closed the show with Oasis’ Don’t Look Back in Anger which was a strange choice for an Ed Sheeran show but performed this with great Oasis gusto!



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