London Giants Overpower Henley Hawks in National League Debut

In the inaugural match of the National League series, the Henley Hawks Men’s Netball Team faced the seasoned greats London Giants, ultimately falling to a scoreline of 63-13. Despite the challenging debut, the Hawks demonstrated admirable effort and determination.

The Hawks’ line-up showcased a blend of seasoned players and debutants, each contributing their skills and determination to the game. Notably, Kelan Morris and Jamie Brew made their netball debuts for the Hawks, showcasing raw talent and enthusiasm in their first-ever match.

Facing off against the seasoned London Giants, the Hawks strategised to counter the Giants’ experience with a combination of defensive tenacity and attacking flair.

Throughout the match, the defensive duo of GK Aston Morris and debutant GD Kelan Morris executed the team’s defensive strategy with exceptional tenacity and skill. Their relentless pressure on the Giants’ shooters forced tips and turnovers and assisted in creating scoring opportunities for the Hawks.

Jamie Brew, making his debut for the Henley Hawks, displayed remarkable determination and potential on the court. Despite the intensity of the match against Giants, Jamie’s performance showcased raw talent and enthusiasm, indicating a promising future for the team. His willingness to step up in a challenging environment and contribute to the team’s efforts was commendable.”

Captain Dani Marine Florido, playing in the centre position, led by example with relentless energy and dedication. His ability to transition seamlessly between defence and attack provided a crucial link for the Hawks, keeping the team’s momentum alive despite the Giants’ dominance.

Additionally, WD Geoff Watts provided support in defence, demonstrating unwavering determination and effort for the Henley Hawks.

Charlie Jordan replaced Geoff in the third quarter as WD, showcasing unbelievable elevation to reach heights beyond a normal human, which proved to be vital in a game that featured highballs throughout. Halfway through the third quarter, Watts came back on for Jordan.

In the attacking third, GA Andy Phillips and GS Linden Glen worked tirelessly to create scoring opportunities against the Giants’ formidable defence. Despite the challenges, the Hawks remained resilient, constantly adapting their strategies to stay competitive throughout the match.

As the game progressed, the coaching team made strategic adjustments to inject new dynamics into the team’s gameplay.

Andy Phillips to the C position and Dani Marine Florido to GA in the fourth quarter showcased the team’s flexibility and willingness to try new approaches in the face of adversity.

Despite the final scoreline of 13-69 in favour of the Giants, the Hawks’ performance, especially considering the debut of Kelan Morris and Jamie Brew, serves as a promising foundation for their journey in the National League series. Lou Porter expressed confidence in the team’s ability to learn and grow from this experience, emphasising the importance of resilience and teamwork in facing future challenges.

Player of the match went to Hawks Andy Phillips. 

Looking ahead, the Hawks Mixed Team are gearing up for their next match on April 7th at home against London Mixed Team Unicorns. 

From left to right back – Geoff Watts – Jamie – Kelan Morris – Charlie Jordan – Aston Morris
From left to right front – Andy Phillips – Dani Marine Florido – Linden Glen

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