Henley Hawks 1 Soar to Victory Against Black Magic in MDNL Premier League

As the whistle blew, signalling the start of the match between Henley Hawks 1 and Black Magic, the court was electrified with anticipation. Charlotte Hopper, standing tall in the goal circle, set the tone with her unwavering focus, applying immense pressure on Black Magic’s GS from the outset.
With Hoppers relentless defensive efforts forcing Black Magic to play cautiously around the circle edge, GD Lydia Johnston seized the opportunity, intercepting passes and denying Black Magic any easy shots at goal. WD Sarah Filby, ever agile and alert, matched Black Magic’s speedy WA step for step, disrupting their rhythm and capitalising on any errors made.
In the centre court, Judy Goforth’s strategic play came into play, as she slowed down the pace of the game, allowing Henley Hawks to maintain possession and patiently work the ball into the attacking third. WA Sammy Coff’s quick thinking and precise passes kept the flow of play moving, while also creating opportunities for the shooters up front.
Speaking of the shooters, the dynamic duo of GA Katie Bayfield and GS Alex Jacob showcased their exceptional chemistry and anticipation throughout the match. Their ability to read each other’s movements and anticipate the next play made it exceedingly difficult for Black Magic’s defense to contain them. In the second quarter, their shooting  was on full display, as they expertly capitalised on scoring opportunities and even picked up their own rebounds, further extending Henley Hawks’ lead.

Sophie Surman, whose contribution off the bench provided an additional spark to Henley Hawks’ gameplay, further solidifying their dominance on the court.
As the final whistle blew, Henley Hawks emerged victorious, their stellar teamwork and individual brilliance shining through in every aspect of the game. With their commanding performance, they proved once again why they are a force to be reckoned with in the MDNL Premier division.
Final score 34-22 to Hawks.
From left to right – Sophie Surman – Sarah Filby – Charlotte Hopper – Alex Jacob – Lydia Johnston – Judy Goforth – Sammy Coff – Katie Bayfield
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