Unyielding Effort Meets Unforeseen Weather: Henley Hawks 2 Match Abandoned

In a highly anticipated match between Henley Hawks 2 and Ants in the Division 2 MDNL league, the stage was set for an intense showdown. With GK Sarah Kenyon guarding the goalpost and GD Annabel Garbett showed sheer strength in defence, Henley Hawks 2 displayed tenacity from the start. WD Nikki Stubbs showcased her agility in at WD position, while C Jules Tomlinson commanded the centre court with finesse. WA Lou Todd’s strategic plays kept the momentum alive, supported by GA Kate Tremayne’s precise shots and Zoe Burroughs’ accuracy as GS.
Despite the Hawks’ determination, the first half concluded with a score of 12-7 in favour of Ants, showcasing the formidable competition. As the game progressed into the second half, both teams exhibited remarkable skill and resilience. However, at the half-term mark, Ants maintained their lead with a score of 23-16.
Unfortunately, the game was prematurely abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, leaving both teams without the opportunity to complete the match. This decision, compounded by the constraints of a congested schedule, rendered a replay unfeasible.
While Lou Porter and Catt Fitt were poised to make impactful contributions, the unforeseen circumstances prevented their participation. Nonetheless, the dedication and sportsmanship displayed by all players underscored the spirit of competition within the league.
Thank you to kit sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens.

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