Hilarious Show on What Could have Happened to the Brinks-Mat Gold

Featuring 1980s music, some truly terrible dancing, hidden gold and guilty secrets, multi award-winning actor Nicholas Collett (British Arrows Best Actor, Best Theatre Adelaide Fringe 2023, Best Performance World Duo Festival) joins acclaimed actress and writer Kate Stafford (And Crocodiles are Hungry at Night and The Tempest) for this new comedy double-bill show coming to The Kenton on Thursday 25 April.

In “Coppers” a beleaguered Home Office minister takes the Met Police Chief to task over the failure to arrest anyone for Brinks Mat – but there is more to their relationship than meets the eye, as we find out when a Fleet St tabloid journalist starts digging…

“Gold” tells the story of Julie and Dave who live in suburbia, with an Uptown Girl daughter, a nice house and a huge secret that has held them together for 40 years. They met in 1983, when the music was gold, the fashion was gold, and Julie and Dave stole a lot of gold from a very bad man. Four decades later, how are they going to sell it and, more importantly, avoid the elderly psychopath who wants revenge – and his gold back?

Stafford Collett Productions was formed in 2021 to present new work for worldwide touring. Nicholas Collett has produced and performed theatre in the UK and abroad (USA, Australia, France, Germany, South Korea and the Lebanon); Kate Stafford has produced, written and directed national and international productions since 2003 in the UK, Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa. This is their first opportunity to work together on this exciting new venture.

To book go to https://thekenton.org.uk/events/coppers-gold/


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