Have Your Say – Call For Thames Water to be Taken Back into Public Ownership

Henley Mermaids (Jo Robb, Joan Fennelly, Susan Barry, Fiona Print) and myself  have signed up to We Own It, calling for the beleaguered Thames Water to be renationalised following news this week that shareholders had reneged on a promise to inject £500m of fresh capital by the end of March, blaming Ofwat’s regulatory demands which, they claim, have made the company’s business plan “uninvestable.”

The 35-year experiment with privatised water has failed. With Thames Water teetering on the brink of collapse and raw sewage pouring into our precious rivers, now is the time to take the company back into permanent public ownership and reverse the calamity of privatisation. Examples from across Europe, including in Paris, show that water and sewerage can be provided more cheaply while putting the health of people and planet first.

Thames Water’s shareholders are “playing chicken” with the regulator, refusing to inject much-needed capital and gaslighting the public by blaming Ofwat for holding them to proper regulatory standards. They are not fit to own a regulated entity, much less a water company on which our economy and our very lives depend. The raft of regulatory tightening proposed by government is mere tinkering at the edges and fails to recognise that privatised water is a scam. Privatisation is fundamentally incompatible with delivering water and sewerage services for the people who rely on them and for our natural environment. Shareholder profit has no place in essential services like water.

Thames Water should be brought back into public ownership and managed as a municipalised publicly owned entity, like Eau de Paris, with all profits reinvested into improving infrastructure and service. It is vital that the regulators are given their teeth back, and are free to prosecute, with robust regulation and cheaper loans for a publicly owned company we can get back to healthy, happy waterways for wildlife, fish and humans to enjoy & call home.

Laura Reineke
Henley Mermaid

  1. guy shankland says:

    The Thames Water fiasco highlights the utter contempt that privately owned companies such as TW have for their customers. Rising prices and a lowering of standards have become the norm in the UK. Our MP (sic) has gone awol and, as I understand it, even voted to allow the dumping of sewage in our rivers.
    It is time to kick out the Tories and, re-nationalise our rail, energy, water and hold on to our NHS. Capterlisim has eroded our Country’s backbone and our rivers (and seas) are living proof of it.
    Guy Shankland

    • Anne says:

      Good for you Barry, for giving the link for people to get involved. I have already signed the petition about Thames Water, Everyone should and they should also remove their direct debits for Thames Water from their bank accounts. How dare these companies have the effrontery to continue charge us for polluted water with the distinct possibility of causing nasty health problems?

      Are we to look forward to a resurgence of typhoid?


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