Hawks 4 Show Resilience in Strategic Battle Against Magnets Despite Defeat

In this week’s MDNL Div 3 league match, the Hawks 4 played Blue Magnets in a game that showcased strategic shifts and determined efforts from both teams.
The match commenced with the Hawks positioning Jess O’Sullivan as GS and Kat Robinson as GA, aiming for a dynamic attack. With Vicki Tebbutt at WA and a borrowed player from 7 Stars taking the centre position, the team looked to solidify their centre court presence.
Lisa Kingham as WD, Emily Shea as GD, and Belle Tebbutt as GK formed a robust defence. Despite their efforts, the first quarter concluded with Magnets leading by a margin of 11-4.
In the second and third quarters, the Hawks made tactical adjustments, notably moving Emily Shea to WD and Belle Tebbutt to GD, while Lisa Kingham took the GK position. This reshuffle maintained the attacking duo of O’Sullivan and Robinson at GS and GA respectively, with Tebbutt and the 7 Stars player continuing their roles.
These changes led to a more competitive third quarter, where the Hawks matched the Magnets goal for goal, although the Magnets extended their lead to 33-17 by halftime.
The final quarter saw the Hawks making bold moves, notably shifting Belle Tebbutt to GS and introducing Kat Robinson into the defence as GD, while maintaining the core of their team.  Despite these efforts and a strong finish, the Magnets secured a win with a final score of 43-21.
The match highlighted Hawks’ adaptability and teamwork, particularly the contributions from their borrowed player from 7 Stars, and their ability to compete fiercely in the third quarter. The strategic position swaps and the relentless pursuit of goals underscore the team’s resilience, even as the Magnets demonstrated their prowess to clinch the victory.
From left to right – Jess O’Sullivan – Katarina Robinson – Lisa Kingham – Emily Shea  – Vicky Tebbutt – Belle Tebbutt
Thank you to kit sponsors Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens

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