Town Council Looking to Hire Tourism and Film Location Consultant

In a bid to boost the town’s economy, Henley Town Council is looking to hire a specialist consultant to increase tourism and film location initiatives. At the Town & Community Committee meeting this week, council members unanimously agreed to recommend the hire of Kim Hallett to the Finance, Strategy and Management Committee, for a minimum period of six months.

The decision follows the recent unveiling of Henley Town Council’s new five year strategic plan, and is part of the council’s broader goal to bolster the local economy, attract more visitors, and elevate the reputation of the town. Given the proximity of nearby film studios like Pinewood and Shepperton, Henley boasts immense potential as both a tourist hotspot and a sought-after filming location.

The council proposed the employment of Kim Hallett, a consultant with over 23 years of industry experience within tourism and film promotion. Kim, who previously worked as Head of Sales and Marketing at Waddesdon Manor, and subsequently as Head of Travel Trade, Tourism & Filming, crafted two proposals aimed at driving tourism footfall and positioning Henley as a desirable filming destination.

The tourism campaign intends to create and implement a robust strategy in collaboration with Henley’s Tourism Alliance members (including Hobbs of Henley, the Kenton Theatre, Henley Four Oaks, Swiss Farm, Brakspear River & Rowing Museum and the Fairmile Vineyard). Key objectives include targeting both domestic and international tourist markets, enticing group tours, and increasing traffic to the website. The proposal also emphasises the importance of partnering with local businesses to enhance visitor experiences.

On the film front, Hallett’s plan aims to capitalise on Henley’s scenic beauty and historical landmarks to attract film productions. By promoting Henley to location managers, scouts, and producers, the council aims to position the town as a film-friendly destination for renowned studios like BBC, Netflix, and Universal. The proposal highlights the potential for generating income through the use of council properties and open spaces for filming.

If approved by the Finance, Strategy and Management Committee, Kim Hallett’s services would cost £6,000 for a minimum six-month consultancy period. This would be paid for from the salary saving that was achieved by the Town Centre Manager’s change in salary payments and working hours.


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