Hawks Display Exceptional Growth and Team Spirit in Battle Against Norfolk Roos

In an intense match that showcased both resilience and strategic flexibility, the Henley Hawks Men’s team faced Norfolk Roos in the second round of the National series. Despite the final score reading 19-62 in favour of the Roos, the match was a testament to the Hawks’ substantial improvement and unwavering team spirit.
Starting off, the Henley Hawks Aston Morris (GK), played a crucial role that saw Morris making several key interceptions throughout the game, Partnered with Morris, Javi Marine Florido played as  (GD), working closely with Geoff Watts in at (WD) position to counter the Roos’ attacking efforts.
The Centre court saw Captain Dani Marine Florido, orchestrating plays and leading by example in the Centre (C) position, with Andy Phillips starting in (WA) to provide vital support in the attacking third, Toby Garbett took up the position of (GA), using his agility and sharp shooting skills to keep the scoreboard ticking for the Hawks. Linden Glen, starting as  (GS), showcased his precision and poise under pressure, making him a key player in the Hawks’ attacking strategy.
The first quarter concluded with the Norfolk Roos leading 16-9, a challenging start for the Hawks but one that didn’t dampen their spirits. Recognising the need for tactical adjustments, the Hawks made a strategic switch in the third quarter, with Andy Phillips and Linden Glen exchanging positions. This move aimed to rejuvenate the Hawks’ attack, with Phillips bringing his energy and creativity to the Goal Shooter position and Glen applying his experience and vision in Wing Attack.
Despite the Hawks’ valiant efforts and strategic shifts, the Norfolk Roos maintained their lead, concluding the match with a 62-19 victory. However, the score line doesn’t fully reflect the sheer determination, teamwork, and progress the Henley Hawks demonstrated throughout the match.
Reflecting on the game, the improvement from the Hawks was palpable in every aspect compared to their first match. This performance is a clear indication of what the team can achieve with continued hard work, trust in one another, and belief in their collective ability. The commitment shown by all players to the team and the club was commendable, and there’s a strong sense of pride in what this group has accomplished. As they take a well-deserved rest, the message is clear: the Henley Hawks are set to come back stronger, with a firm belief in their potential to turn the tide in future encounters.
Back left to right – Geoff Watts – Aston Morris – Andy Phillips – Toby Garbett
Front left to right – Javi Marine Florido – Dani Marine Florido – Linden Glen
Next week the Hawks Mixed Performance squad play London’s Unicorns at home in their first league game of the series.

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