Gainsborough Residents Association Give Easter Eggs to Hospital Families

David Eggleton on behalf of the Gainsborough Residents’ Association took Easter eggs which were donated by Tesco in Henley and residents to Ronald McDonald House before the Easter weekend for the children and families who were staying there.

The Gainsborough Association organised an annual Toy Run at Christmas for the Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe which started in 2014 and ran until the pandemic in 2020.

David said, “We haven’t done anything for a little while since Covid and things have changed and we’ve adapted to help out where we can.  We thought we do something a bit different by taking the Easter eggs to Ronald McDonald House who support families who have children in John Radcliffe hospital and they will share the eggs with them.  We want to support local people who are in hospital at Easter and Christmas.   We wanted to bring a bit of joy for Easter when the parents are separated from their children.  This is what we are all about reaching out to other people who are in difficult times and spreading a bit of love and joy.  A big thank you to Tesco and the residents who donated eggs as well. We are planning a toy run at Christmas time so will be asking for support with donations of toys nearer the time.”



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