New Women’s Social Football and Boccia Sports at YMCA

Henley YMCA have introduced two new sports activities into their weekly programme – Women’s Social Football and Boccia (a target ball sport) for over 50s.

The Women’s Social Football is on Sundays between 10am – 11am and costs £3.00 and Boccia for over 50’s is on Fridays 1 – 2pm and costs £5.00.

Boccia is similar to bowls and played from a seated position with players propelling balls to land as close as possible to a white jack marker ball.

Phil Cundy, Sport and Community Development Officer at Henley YMCA said,Our sessions are inclusive, fun, exciting and affordable. They are designed for the participants to enjoy exercising, improve their physical and mental health, reduce their stress, whilst also helping the community to socialise, as well as staying active and healthy!”

Henley YMCA run children’s sing along and dances classes, karate and exercise classes including yoga and pilates.

You can see the full class timetable here


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