Probus Club Talk – Artificial Intelligence

The Men’s Henley Probus Club met last at Badgemore Golf Club with guest speaker Professor Dan Remenyi, PhD, who provided a most interesting and informative talk on the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This was Dan’s second time addressing the club and his talk  was on the seven key issues of AI Chatbots or what are now referred to as GenAI which is short for Generated Artificial Intelligence. Dan explained that nobody owns the term AI and so it is now being used in various ways including most recently, the refurbishment of Lord Nelson’s ship Victory. AI is difficult to define and means different things to different people. He told us that the field is changing constantly and currently incorporates words, images, numbers and sounds. The main worry when encountering AI is the huge amount of fakery. The software itself is not always precise and is full of transgender bias and so tries to make everything inclusive even when it clearly isn’t. The amount of money being poured into AI is eye watering and there are a lot of new organisations entering into the market. Dan emphasised that a lot of the advice given by AI is incorrect and one must be cautious when using the information with the recommendation to double check everything. He pointed out that a lot of the research and development in the hardware that is used to run AI is done in Taiwan and that the major chip manufacturers were also located in Taiwan. Further Dan explained that a lot of the data upon which AI depends has been plagiarised and that there are now, and will be going forward, a good many cases concerning Individual Property Rights. In conclusion the professor warned that there are a lot of scam investments, fake news, fake images, con artists and fakery associated with AI. He said that the Tsunami of Fakery is the biggest threat currently posed by Artificial Intelligence.

Henley Probus meets at Badgemore Park on the second Tuesday of each month; it starts with an informal gathering of its members (plus Visitors) for a discussion and coffee, with the formal meeting commencing at 1130 followed by a lunch.

If anyone is interested in joining the Club, please make themselves known to Roger Griffiths our Membership Secretary (01491575137/email or to any Club member that you may know.

Further details of the club can be found on the Club website which can be accessed on



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