Henley Hawks Mixed Development Squad vs. Ascot Gladiators Mixed Team

The newly formed Henley Hawks Mixed Development Squad, bolstered by a blend of talent and determination, embarked on their inaugural friendly match against the Gladiators Mixed Team. With a squad of just 9 players, they faced their opponents with resilience and a hunger for victory.
From the start, it was evident that this would be a tightly contested affair. The Hawks took an early lead in the first round, with their GK Matt Thomas, showcasing exceptional agility and reflexes to thwart the Gladiators’ attacks. Thomas, who also transitioned to the goal shooter position at times, displayed insane jumps and interceptions, leaving spectators in awe.
In GD, Juliet Machan, emerged as a standout performer, earning the well-deserved title of Player of the Match. Machan’s tenacity and defensive prowess were instrumental in disrupting the Gladiators’ rhythm and turning defence into swift counter-attacks.
Geoff Watts, in at WD, injected great energy into the Hawks’ centre court, covering ground tirelessly and providing crucial support to both the defensive and attacking phases of play. Meanwhile, Nikki Stubbs, holding the C position, showcased incredible interceptions and distributed the ball effectively into the attacking third.
On the attacking front, Aleesha Traynor in at as WA, faced the formidable challenge. Traynor’s skill and determination proved invaluable as she navigated the pressure with finesse and contributed to the Hawks’ attacking plays.
In the shooting circle, Totie Thomas, operating as GA, utilised her agility and skill to create scoring opportunities, while Linden Glen, the team’s captain and GS, showcased formidable leadership and composure under pressure.
Throughout the match, impact players Zoe Burroughs and Jamie Brew made significant contributions, with Burroughs coming on as GS at times and Brew providing support as WA. Their presence added depth and versatility to the Hawks’ line-up, ensuring sustained pressure on the Gladiators’ defence.
As the match progressed through its rounds, the intensity remained palpable. The Hawks and Gladiators exchanged blows, each refusing to yield ground. In a thrilling climax, the match ended in a draw, with both teams locked at 17-17.
Player of the Match: Juliet Machan – for outstanding defensive contributions and leadership on the field.
Despite the deadlock, the match served as a testament to the talent and determination of both teams. The Henley Hawks Mixed Development Squad showcased their potential in their debut outing, while the Ascot Gladiators displayed commendable skill and tenacity. It was a memorable encounter that set the stage for future battles between these two sides.
As the Hawks look ahead to their next challenge, they invite you to join them for the Men’s & Mixed open session on Sunday, 21st April at the Henley College Sports Centre 2.30-4pm, where you can be part of the excitement and discover what Hawks Netball Club is all about.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the Hawks family. See you on the court!

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