Henley Swim Joins Forces to Create European Marathon River Swim Series

Henley Swim have joined forces with two other European famous marathon swims The Flow des Gabarriers (France), the UltraEbre (Spain) to create The Marathon River Swim Series.

Swimmers are invited to participate in each of the events, to be crowned Marathon River Man or Woman. In order to qualify they must swim the 3 marathons within a 5-year time span, all swimmers that have completed one of these swims in 2022 or 2023, or are planning to swim in 2024 are currently eligible.

The three swims operate as independent events, but with a shared passion of delivering a safe and unforgettable river swim experience to all participants, against the stunning backdrop of some of the world’s most picturesque rivers. The Marathon River Swim Series aims to unite open water enthusiasts and athletes from around the world in a celebration of endurance, determination, and natural beauty.

Le Flow des Gabarriers offers a choice of two marathon distances, 16km or 33km, in the Charente river in the Cognac region of France. The UltraEbre was established in 2012 and offers a 30km swim along the Ebro river through Catalonia. The Thames Marathon at 13km is the shortest of the events but is also the largest regularly attracting up to 1000 swimmers.

“We are thrilled to launch the Marathon River Swim Series” said Grégory Lécrevisse, organiser of Le Flow des Gabarriers. “This series is part of our commitment to promote the joy of open water swimming and to foster a sense of community among swimmers worldwide. The individual swims have their own individual challenges and rewards, and we can’t wait to introduce new swimmers to each unique environment.”

The first swim of the Series in 2024 is Le Flow des Gabarriers on 1st June, with the UltraEbre in July and the Thames Marathon in August.

The series is waiting to crown its first Marathon River Man or River Woman- there are currently 3 swimmers that have completed 2 of the 3 swims required. Each swimmer to complete one of the events will receive a woven Marathon River Swim Series badge to commemorate the swim. When 3 badges have been collected the swimmers will be given a unique gift from the event organisers.


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