Local Artist’s Vibrant Mural Brightens Up Town Hall’s Information Centre

The Town Hall’s Information Centre has received a vibrant makeover with the installation of a new mural designed by local artist Bee Skelton. The mural, which covers the opposite wall to the recently created photo wall by Henley Scan, offers a picturesque portrayal of Henley’s landmarks, including the Town Hall, Market Place, Adventure Golf, and Mill Meadows.

Bee Skelton, known for her intricate and detailed style, shared her initial apprehensions about taking on such a large-scale project. “Because my style of painting is extremely detailed and not quick to create, at first I felt a little daunted when commissioned to make the mural,” she said. “It wouldn’t have been practical for me, or the workers in the Town Hall Information Centre, if I was to be painting their wall for several weeks on end.”

To overcome this challenge, Skelton devised an innovative solution. She explained, “Fortunately, I was able to offer a solution by making a scaled-down painting in my studio, which I then had professionally photographed to a high resolution, then printed and installed on the much larger wall.”.

The mural itself is a colourful and captivating artistic impression of Henley, focusing on key landmarks such as the Town Hall, Market Place, Adventure Golf, and Mill Meadows. Bee said, “First I visited each location making visual notes and sketches to help prepare an initial preparatory drawing before painting began.”

Daisy Smith, Communications Manager, expressed her delight at the revamped Information Centre. “It has been lovely to give the Information Centre a revamp,” Daisy remarked. “The photo wall created by Henley Scan has added some interest for visitors, and it was great to work with local photographers and businesses to put the piece together.”

Daisy explained that the inspiration for the mural came from seeing similar projects elsewhere. “The mural idea came from seeing the fantastic work at Rupert House School,” she said. “I wanted to represent the Town Council’s assets across the town in a bright and fun way for visitors to the Town Hall. We talked to a few local artists about the project and then Julia found Bee Skelton online. We all loved the colours and style that she favours. Bee was fantastic to work with on the design and the new mural brightens up the IC backdrop. New Henley merchandise has just arrived and we are working on having some postcards of Bee’s design to add to the collection.”

Julia Ashton, Information Centre Officer, said, “A local artist, Bee, has depicted a Henley scene, capturing the innocence and joyous simplicity of children’s art by using bold colours. She has created a mural of happiness sharing fond memories of familiar places in the town. Come and take a look at her mural, to be found in the Information Centre in Henley Town Hall.”

Bee’s mural beautifully compliments the opposite photo wall, created by Henley Scan using approximately 120 photos of the town. Eva Rickett, from Henley Scan, said, We were honoured to be asked to create a Henley wallpaper. After a slow start asking for photographs from professional and amateur photographers on social media last year and trying to cover as many aspects of our wonderful town as possible, different seasons and different eras, the final layout was agreed just before Christmas. A statement wall like this is always very impactful. It is one of the personalised products we design and sell,  but making a Henley Town one was extra special. A real celebration wall. A thank you to our Town Council for giving Henley Scan the opportunity.”



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