Town Council Allocates Funds for Pedestrian Count on Greys Road

Henley Town Council’s Planning Committee approved funding for a pedestrian count on Greys Road at this week’s committee meeting on Tuesday.

The decision follows a number of requests from local parents of school children, who are hoping for the installation of a new pedestrian crossing near the top shops (either side of the junction with Elizabeth Road).

Following a visit from a technical officer at Oxfordshire County Council, the Town Council were advised that in order to inform consideration of a crossing, a pedestrian count is required.

The initial assessment by OCC suggested that a zebra crossing might be suitable at the location, but a comprehensive manual pedestrian count spanning 12 hours, from 7am to 7pm, would accurately assess the need.

The estimated cost for a zebra crossing typically ranges between £35,000 and £40,000. Whether the Council would be able to fund this is not yet known, but without data from the pedestrian count, the need for additional traffic assessments and the subsequent installation of a crossing remains unclear. The pedestrian count itself will cost £400.

At a Finance Committee meeting held on July 24th 2018, £5,000 per year was allocated from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to be spent on transport-related projects. As of the current financial year 2024/25, £5,000 from this budgetary allocation remains unutilized.

The Council unanimously approved the allocation of £400 for the completion of a pedestrian count, to be taken from the CIL.


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  1. Diana Barnett says:

    Yes, a crossing there would be good. An even more dangerous place to cross Greys Road is on the bend with the junction of Gillotts Lane. You can’t see what traffic is coming at all. I’ve seen Gillotts’ pupils with nowhere safe to cross just dashing across the junction there. Either the footpath from Highlands farm should be extended or some traffic calming sleeping policeman put there. When the weather is bad the path in Gillotts Field becomes a quagmire and treacherous to walk along so not always an alternative route.


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