Gorvett & Stone Celebrate 20th Anniversary with Distillery Collaboration

Gorvett & Stone are marking two decades of chocolate making. The chocolatier, established in Duke St in April 2004, are offering discounts and free chocolates this week to commemorate the occasion. They have also collaborated with the Henley Distillery to create two new alcohol-infused chocolates.

Having started as a two person business, founded by Elinor Gorvett and Matthew Stone, the company has flourished into a team of up to 15 individuals during peak seasons. They first opened in 2004 on 28 Duke Street, moving to bigger premises – 21 Duke Street – 4 years later. Over the years, they have developed their mouth-watering chocolate recipes from scratch, involving every member of their team in the creation process. They develop, produce and package all their own products and supply retail and trade customers all over the UK, including the prestigious Fortnum & Mason.

Reflecting on the milestone, Matthew Stone remarked, “It makes me feel really old! It does feel like, in some ways, it has gone in a flash, and in some ways I feel like I’ve been doing this my whole life and there was no life before running my own business. It’s an achievement just to have survived this long; that’s how we feel about it. We’re not Willy Wonka and we’re not taking over the chocolate world but just to have a business that has lasted this long feels like an achievement to be honest.”

Two of the business’ latest creations come from a collaboration with the award-winning Henley Distillery. Jacob Wilson, founder of Henley Distillery, explained, “As we set up, we were always really keen to collaborate with other businesses. We naturally had to get ourselves set a bit first and establish ourselves before we went out to anyone. My sister worked here many years ago, and these guys and the stuff that they do is phenomenal, so we hunted them down and said we wanted to work with them.”

The first creation from the collaboration is the Henley Classic Dry Gin Ganache, featuring a smooth ganache infused with the distillery’s classic dry gin, and made with fresh cream from another local business, Lacey’s Farm. Encased in a milk chocolate shell, it is accented with notes of lime leaf and Szechuan pepper. The second product, the Temple Island Rum Caramel,  is a smooth caramel flavoured with the distillery’s spiced rum, also coated in a milk chocolate shell.

To express their gratitude to their loyal customers, Gorvett & Stone are offering a special promotion during the week of April 22nd to 28th, featuring a 20% discount on all purchases in-store and online. Additionally, customers will receive special edition purple and blue chocolates with every purchase over £10 as a token of appreciation for their continued support.

Matthew Stone expressed his appreciation for the community’s support over the past two decades, stating, ”We feel really supported by people in Henley and we wouldn’t have survived [without them]. We realised early on that Henley is a lovely place to have a business and so hopefully, people will come and buy their faves and stock up!”


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