Henley Hawks Take Top Of The Table Spot After Defeating Dean Dreamers

Henley Hawks 3 played Dean Dreamers in last week’s Maidenhead Division 3 League match. Despite facing challenges with player availability due to injuries and other commitments, the team showcased remarkable adaptability with players taking on different positions.
The game started with an impressive interception by Emma Garrat (GD), who swiftly passed to Totie Thomas(WA). Working cohesively with Amber Tate (C), they manouvered the ball into the shooting circle where Milly Roberts (GA) scored the opening goal within the first minute. The defensive lin-eup saw Emma Garrett joined by the mother-daughter duo of Zara Barnett (GK) and Juliet Machan (WD), with Barnett’s solid defence frustrating the Dreamers’ shooters. Quick turnovers and interceptions in the centre court allowed for efficient ball movement back to the shooting end, where GS Claire Priddy contributed to the scoring . The first quarter concluded with Hawks leading 8-2.
The team maintained their momentum into the second quarter, with Roberts and Priddy’s exceptional shooting accuracy extending Hawks’ lead to 17-3 by halftime. The centre court players tirelessly worked to feed the ball to the shooters, supported by continued interceptions from Machan and Garett.
In the second half, Dreamers made tactical adjustments, seizing Hawks’ first centre pass and narrowing the point gap. Despite this, Hawks managed to maintain their scoring pace, ending the third quarter with a lead of 26-9.
In a display of versatility, Priddy transitioned to GK and Barnett took on the shooting role in the final quarter. Both teams continued to play fiercely, but Hawks’ defence held strong, securing a final score of 31-13 in favour of Henley Hawks 3.
This win also secures Hawks promotion to Division 2, however can they keep the top spot on the table with only 3 games to go?
Back from left to right – Amber Tate- Totie Thomas – Claire Priddy – Juliet Machan – Zara Barnett
Front left to right – Millie Roberts – Emma Garrett
Thank you to kit sponsor Hart Street Tavern & Tara Neil Kitchens

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