Henley Campaigner Launches Global Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Day

On the 1 May 2024, survivors of Child Sexual Abuse around the world will be coming together to raise awareness of this difficult subject for NotMyShame Awareness Day.

Local resident and advocate of survivors of child abuse, Emma Jane Taylor started the campaign NotMyShame in 2020 by tweeting this message.   Emma said, “The 1st May 2024 will mark a day to raise awareness for Child Sexual Abuse survivors and the difficulties many have faced, still face and for those unseen/and un-supported. Survivors and their supporters will mark this day by wearing their #NotMyShame merchandise, including white ribbons that show they stand in solidarity with those who have suffered from the traumatic abuse of CSA that takes many childhoods and for some, their entire adult life.”

The day will start with an interview on the Sonia Poulton’s show on TNT Radio Live; followed by a minute silence with Neil Long, ex-Capital radio DJ on The Midday Radio show – where Emma Jane will be accompanied by Charlie Lawson, aka Jim MacDonald from Coronation St, Nadia Jamil, Pakistani Actor, Welsh Actor Sera Cracroft; and Footballer Neville Southall will be showing his support.

Henley Town Council have agreed to light up the Town Hall in white to recognise the awareness and support survivors of child sexual abuse.

Virtual and live streamed coffee morning events, where survivors will be speaking, sharing poetry and paintings will be taking place and Krys Olsen in the USA will be painting rocks with the hashtag #NotMyShame which will be placed around the world.

Emma added, “Over the last 12 months our audience has had an exponential growth and everyday survivors are coming forward to seek support and show their support. We have also had celebrity support from singer Matt Hoy, Stuart Antony and Michael Parkinson, John Altman and Ross Kemp agreed to have their pictures taken with me wearing my NotMyShame t-shirt. The campaign  has also been recognised at the United Nations, thanks to Nadia Jamil.”

Full details can be found here


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