Councillor Rory Hunt Nominated as Mayor Elect

Councillor Rory Hunt was nominated as Mayor-elect at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting.

Rory was elected as a Councillor only last year (May 2023). He has worked in the Civil Service since 2015, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Rory is passionate about sport, particularly rowing, and is a member of both Leander and Henley Rowing Club. His consorts will be his parents, Ian and Lindsay.

Rory, who has been the Deputy Mayor since September 2023, was elected by a unanimous vote at the Full Council meeting. His nomination was proposed by Councillor Glen Lambert, who said, “I remember clearly and fondly the day I met Rory. We were at Henley Rowing Club somewhere my friends and I spent a lot of time back then as we attempted to learn as much as we could about the sport from the dry comfort of the balcony. I had no idea and would never have believed that just a few months later this new Rory chap would get me out on the water attempting to scull myself (he has photos to prove this). That was back in 2021 but it was clear from the start that Rory was a man of exceptional character: warm, approachable, devoted to his friends and family, passionate about sport, generous to a fault and wise beyond his years. It wasn’t long before I began to wonder if I could persuade him to stand for election to Henley Town Council so that we could all benefit from his desire to get stuck in and his obvious passion for Henley and all the events that helped make Henley such a special place to live.

“Fortunately Rory embraced the idea immediately with his usual enthusiasm and since being elected has proven himself a tremendously valuable and hardworking councillor and for the last few months he has been an excellent and very supportive Deputy Mayor under difficult circumstances. I have no doubt that Rory will devote himself to the role of Mayor and work tirelessly to make the most of his year and Advance the causes he is so passionate about: sporting opportunities for our young people, the cleanliness and maintenance of our river, fiscal responsibility in governance, and of course the welfare of our local pubs and breweries. I propose Rory for Mayor of Henley with complete confidence that he will give the role his all and represent those who elected him in a manner they’d be proud of, and be a great ambassador for Henley.”

Rory’s nomination was seconded by current Mayor, Kellie Hinton, who said, “It was a very unusual year because, as you all know, with the circumstances both of us were in these roles for just seven months but Rory has, even as a new councillor, has completely and utterly thrown himself into it. He’s a great councillor: he’s meticulous, he’s methodical, he’s committed, he’s knowledgeable, he’s already providing valuable input across every committee because when you become Deputy Mayor you instantly sign up to being on every standing committee, and he’s also on a number of the working groups as well.”

Kellie also commented, “I don’t think that there’s ever been as supportive a deputy mayor as Rory has been to me.”

Rory said, “I’m deeply honoured to be nominated as the next mayor of Henley. I accept the nomination gladly and I look forward to the opportunity to serve our town and community alongside all your other councillors, the officers and the voluntary groups who I know contribute so much. Those of you that know me will confirm my love of this town and its surroundings, and as Glen pointed out, especially the river, and I will work hard to deliver the outcomes that matter to this community if elected at the mayor making.”

Councillor Tom Buckley was elected by a unanimous vote as Deputy Mayor after a nomination by Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak, seconded by Councillor Tony Hoskins. Tom is Chair of the Planning Committee. Councillor Gawrysiak said, “Tom has become an excellent councillor over the last three and a half years. He stepped ably into the position of chair of planning; one might even say that he’s the best chair of planning since Councillor Thomas. I would like you to vote for Tom because he’s great, he’s dedicated to the town, and he also has a lovely dog called Luna.”

Councillor Rory Hunt will assume the role of Mayor at the Annual Meeting of the Town Council (Mayor Making), to be held at the Town Hall on Monday 13 May.


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