Hawks Show Resilience Despite Loss to Giants in Intense Netball Matchup

In a gripping contest between Henley Hawks Mixed Performance Team and the Seasoned Greats Giants, the dynamics on the court were constantly shifting.

The match began with Henley Hawks trailing in the first quarter, scoring 23-4, with Toby Garbett and Emma Robinson securing essential goals despite a rocky start. The team struggled with minimal errors which unfortunately led to direct gains for the Giants, highlighting an initial defensive lapse.

As the match progressed into the second quarter, the Hawks began to assert more control, finishing the quarter 41-10. Toby Garbett maintained a perfect shooting streak while Emma contributed significantly to the score. Defensively, Rayon Atkinson GD started to make his presence felt with clean intercepts and tips that regained possession for the Hawks.

The third quarter was where the Hawks truly shined, scoring 12-7, which was their best quarter score-wise. Stephen Kelly and Kate Tremayne were hungry in the shooting D, fighting for every ball. Defence combined efforts of Sarah Kenyon and Ray Atkinson in intercepts and tips not only halted the Giants’ attack but also boosted the Hawks’ morale and control over the game.

However, the final quarter revealed the physical toll on the Hawks, ending 20-64, with both teams showing signs of fatigue. The defensive team still managed impactful plays, with Player of the match Rayon Atkinson standing out with interceptions and tips.

Captain Georgina Robertson showcased great leadership and tactical skill in her role as WA. Maintaining composure throughout the game, her strategic plays and guidance were crucial.

Impact players Parveen Mahmood and Annabel Garbett came on as substitutes and provided fresh energy, WD Annabel Garbett tirelessly tracked her opponent and denied space while Parveen Mahoods defensive D experienced was crucial in maintaining the defensive strategy and offering new challenges to the Giants’ attackers.

Overall, the match was a testament to the Hawks’ resilience and ability to adapt under pressure, turning over the ball over against a tough opponent like the Giants. The team left the court with valuable lessons and a robust spirit, eager to apply their learnings in future games. The coach’s pride in the team’s performance resonated strongly, underscoring a game well-played with brilliant moments of netball.

Front left to right – Georgina Robertson (Captain) Kate Tremayne – Toby Garbett
Back left to right – Rayon Atkinson – Annabel Garbett – Stephen Kelly – Sarah Kenyon – Emma Robinson – Parveen Mahmood

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