Henley Hawks 2 Secure Another Incredible Win

In a thrilling fixture that saw Hawks 2 stage a dramatic comeback against the Firebirds, the game ended in a nail-biting 36-35 victory for Hawks 2. This marked a significant improvement from their previous meeting where Hawks 2 suffered a substantial defeat, losing 47-21.

Firebirds initially took the lead, ending the quarter ahead at 10-9. Sarah Kenyon GK, was instrumental in minimising the deficit with crucial interceptions, while GD Emma Robinson worked seamlessly with Kenyon to disrupt Firebirds’ attacking plays.

Second Quarter, By halftime, the score was deadlocked at 17-17. WD Annabel Garbett bolstered the defense while effectively transitioning into attack, facilitating critical plays. C Jules Tomlinson at demonstrated excellent court coverage, distributing the ball effectively to maintain the momentum.

Third Quarter, The score remained evenly matched at 26-26, with WA Niki Stubbs at creating numerous opportunities by feeding precise passes to the shooters. GA Kate Tremayne executed under pressure, converting crucial goals.

Final Quarter in the final stretch, Zoe Burroughs at GS was pivotal, scoring key goals that ultimately secured the win for Hawks 2. Her performance in the circle was commendable, showing great poise and accuracy.

The synergy between the defenders, Kenyon and Robinson, was outstanding, effectively limiting the scoring opportunities for Firebirds. C-court players, Garbett and Tomlinson, controlled the game’s pace, while Stubbs’ agility and playmaking on the wing kept the Firebirds’ defence on their toes. In the attacking circle, Tremayne and Burroughs were a formidable duo, capitalising on the openings created by their teammates.

Lou Todd though not participating in this game, remained an integral part of the team spirit, cheering from the sidelines and ready to step in if needed.

Now with only 5 points between the top 5 teams, the runners up position is still up for grabs! Can Hawks 2 secure their second promotion?

Thank you to kit sponsor Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens.

Front left to right – Sarah Kenyon – Kate Tremayne – Emma Robinson
Back left to right – Lou Todd – Niki Stubbs – Annabel Garbett – Jules Tomlinson – Zoe Burroughs

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