New Children’s Breakdance Classes with John Johnny at YMCA

John Johnny has started breakdance classes at Henley YMCA on Mondays for children aged 6-11 years.

John who started dancing 30 years ago at renowned Pineapple Dance Studio in Convent Garden said, “I was looking for an easily accessible venue in Henley as I teach at Valley Road, Badgemore and Rupert House Schools.  It’s a nice space with a wooden floor and Phil at the YMCA was very keen to work together and we’re looking at running an August summer camp too.  The children learn the James Brown movement of breakdancing also known as Philadelphia Funk.  The kids are awesome and they’re trying to build on from the skills that they learnt at school with me.  They are learning power moves, gymnastics and building their confidence in stages ready for competitions.”

Monty, aged 7 from Rupert House said, “The lessons at school aren’t very long so I want to come and do more for longer and get better.  My favourite move is baby freeze and I really want to be able to learn how to spin on my head.”

The classes are from 5.30-6.30pm in The Pavilion at Henley YMCA, Lawson Road.  To find out more and/or to register email



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