Blue Magnets Push Henley Hawks 3 to Near Defeat

With only 3 games left of the season and if Hawks 3 want to keep that top spot in the table they need to maintain their winning streak, and Blue Magnets really tested the team.

Magnets were quick and could shoot from range, so Hawks had to work hard to shut them down. Lucy Sharman-Munday (GK), Emma Garrett (GD) and Juliet Machan (WD) showed their defensive prowess and worked hard in defence. At the end of Q1 Hawks led, 9-8. 

Marieka Fox (C) played with speed and precision, moving the ball with ease to Sasha Reed (WA) who provided consistent support on the attacking circle edge, ensuring the ball met the safe hands of the Hawks shooters. Hawks kept their 1 goal lead at the end of Q2, 15-14. 

Clare McCarthy came on in Q3 in the WD position offering new energy and communication. Millie Roberts (GA) used her agility to break away from her opposition to get close to the post whilst Totie Thomas (GS) used her game sense skills to compliment Roberts play and ensuring they scored off the defensive hard work when they turned play over. They increased their lead to a slightly safer 4 goal advantage, 24-20.

In Q4 Hawks needed to keep their composure and push the score line, the team worked together with safe passes and great support from the side line, to maintain their 4 goal lead. The final score 32-28 to Henley Hawks 3.

Thank you to kit sponsor Hart Street Tavern and Tara Neil Kitchens.

Back Left to Right: Sasha Reed – Millie Roberts -Totie Thomas – Clare McCarthy, Lucy Sharman-Munday – Juliet Machan

Front Left to Right: Marieka Fox – Emma Garrett


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