Nursery Enhances its Services

The Old Station Nursery on the Fairmile has launched three new services to enhance its early year’s provision in the area.

The large, wooded site nursery for 0–5-year-old children now enjoys new equipment, including age-appropriate cooking utensils, organic growing areas, and a Forest School.

In addition to the Forest School, where the children are encouraged to play and learn in an outdoor environment using natural materials to explore and build, The Old Station Nursery also offers weekly cookery classes and a focus on organic food partnering with SOIL Association and Food For Life.  Its accreditation represents a significant step towards improving animal and environment food standards whilst championing good food practices and the children’s understanding of the impact we have on our environment.

Nursery Manager Kevin Moore comments, “The children are spending so much time outside, especially in the growing areas where we are planting and learning what we need to do to support their growth and the environment around us. It won’t be long before the cucumbers and carrots spring up, and then we’ll be making carrot cakes in cooking lessons.”

In the weekly cookery classes, the children don aprons and chef’s hats, then measure, weigh, and combine ingredients using specialist children’s cooking and baking equipment that supports their culinary adventures. The delights are cooked in the new Mobile Mini Kitchen with a ‘cool touch’ oven, and both the children and staff love the new challenge.



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