Town Hall Lit Up for NotMyShame Child Sex Abuse Awareness Day

Henley Town Hall was lit up white last Wednesday (1 May) to show its support and solidarity for survivors of Child Sexual Abuse around the world and was joined by Henley Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton.

In 2023, a campaign called #NotMyShame became a global movement and all because local resident and campaigner, Emma Jane Taylor wore a tee-shirt with a quote saying ‘#NotMyShame. I am not afraid to say I was sexually abused as a child, I was just a child. It isn’t my shame“. It has quickly become a global movement and led to her being offered support from actor Charlie Lawson, aka Jim MacDonald, Coronation Street.

Charlie showed his support in 2023, and also shared how his wife had been sexually abused as a child. As her partner, he has had to learn how to support his loved one, because of this hidden horror; child sexual abuse. Because of Emma-Jane he talks very openly about this, with his wife Debbie.

Emma Jane quickly gained further support from actor Stuart Antony (Eastenders), Welsh soap actress Sera Cracroft and actor Nadia Jamil from Pakistan. Before he died, Michael Parkinson spoke to Emma-Jane and was happy to support her with a picture, as did Ross Kemp and Jon Altman (Eastenders).

Emma Jane campaigns for the conversation of CSA to be heard, for survivors to be better supported and for this support to be better understood and for political leaders to lean in more. She believes this level of political support will allow survivors to flourish, thus leading to the protection of children. She launched Project 90-10 Charity in 2023 and continues to develop an education programme to protect and safe-guard children. Thus far PSHE panels in the UK have shown great interest in the education programme.

The Global Awareness Day on 1 May 2024 reached every corner of the world over the next 24 hours. There was a minute silence at midday on recognised on Men’s Radio Station with Emma Jane and Charlie accompanied by Stuart, Nadia and Sera. The radio programme with presenter Neil Long featured the difficult stories of Nadia, Sera and Stuart. The silence was held to observe the day, and to note the difficulties many adults still face because of the abuse they endured as a child.

Henley Mayor, Kellie said at the switch on, “We wanted you to finish here today and to let you know that everyone here in Henley is behind you and the campaign.”

Emma Jane said, “There is no sticking plaster in the world strong enough to hold together the trauma responses of CSA, it is just not that simple – the realities need to be better understood for society to fully function.  Thank you to Daisy Smith, Kellie and Henley Town Council for organising the Town Hall lights.”


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