First Solo Exhibition for Artist Inspired by his Travels

A new art exhibition is opening by contemporary artist Andrew Southwick at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Henley from 16-21 May from 10am-4pm. This will be Southwick’s first solo exhibition having previous success displaying some of his paintings in Bicester during 2021 and 2022.

Southwick, who goes by the nickname ‘Kaspa’, is a retired art teacher based in Brackley, Northamptonshire. His nickname is made up of his and one of his best friend’s initials, which he uses to sign his work. It was this friend who originally convinced Southwick to take up painting and Southwick credits him as the main reason he now paints.

Born in Hollywood, Birmingham in 1963, he graduated in 1986 with a multi-disciplinary art degree from Bradford, before completing a P.G.C.E. course at Worcester in 1989. He was a teacher for 33 years, before retiring to become a painter in 2021.

His paintings are generally inspired by his travels and his interest in history. New York and Paris feature prominently in several paintings. Iconic photographs from WW2 also provide the starting point of some images. His style is heavily influenced by Cubism and Vorticism: buildings are depicted from different angles to give an impression of movement and to give the viewer more information than they would otherwise see. He paints with water-based oils onto large canvasses.

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