Henley Hawks Mixed Performance vs. Surrey Hurricanes

1st Quarter: 8-11 to Surrey Hurricanes

The Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad kicked off their clash against the Surrey Hurricanes with a high-octane first quarter, showcasing the thrilling essence of mixed netball. Despite a spirited effort from the Hawks, the Surrey Hurricanes managed to edge ahead with a scoreline of 11-8 at the end of the first quarter.

The Hawks’ defensive lineup saw Toby Garbett in at GK, supported by Claire Moyses in the GD position. Parveen Mahmood exhibited her skills as WD, while leading from the front as captain was Dani Marin-Florido at C. The attacking trio consisted of Lou Todd as WA, Emma Robinson as GA, and Javi Marin-Florido stationed as GS.

Both teams displayed flashes of brilliance, with errors peppering the evenly contested quarter. As the clock ticked on the Hawks began to find their rhythm, gradually building momentum and posing a formidable challenge to their opponents.

The first quarter served as a testament to the competitive spirit and determination of both sides. With the Hawks finding their stride towards the latter part of the quarter, the stage was set for an intriguing battle in the subsequent periods.

2nd Quarter: 22-23 to Surrey Hurricanes

As the second quarter commenced, the Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad wasted no time in implementing strategic adjustments to their lineup in pursuit of narrowing the margin against the Surrey Hurricanes. With a scoreline of 22-23 still favouring the Hurricanes, the Hawks were determined to turn the tide in their favour.

In a tactical move, Emma Robinson moved to WA, bringing dynamic playmaking abilities to the forefront.  Kate Tremayne brought on to play GA, adding a fresh dimension to the Hawks’ attacking team. This alteration injected renewed energy into the team, as they sought to capitalise on their strengths and exploit the weaknesses of their opponents.

The defensive setup remained steadfast, with Toby Garbett anchoring the backline with a relentless pursuit of loose balls and astute positioning in the shooting circle. Claire Moyses continued to showcase her skills with incredible interceptions, disrupting the Hurricanes’ attacking rhythm. Parveen Mahmood maintained her defensive presence as WD, while Dani Marin-Florido led by example, orchestrating plays from the centre court.

The Hawks demonstrated resilience and determination throughout the quarter, matching the Hurricanes stride for stride in an evenly contested battle. Toby Garbett’s hunting for loose balls and applying relentless pressure on the Hurricanes’ shooters, while Claire Moyses’ interception skills remained a constant thorn in the side of the opposition.

Despite the Hawks’ valiant efforts, the Hurricanes managed to maintain a slender lead, with both teams exchanging blows in a gripping display.  With the scoreline delicately poised, the stage was set for a thrilling conclusion as the teams headed into half-time.

Additionally, the Surrey Hurricanes made a strategic change in their shooting lineup approximately 10 minutes into the second quarter, signalling their intent to adapt to the Hawks’ defensive pressure and maintain their advantage on the scoreboard.

The half-time break provided an opportunity for the Henley Hawks to regroup, recalibrate their strategies, and emerge reinvigorated for the remainder of the match. With everything to play for, the stage was set for a pulsating second half as the Hawks sought to mount a comeback and secure victory against their formidable opponents.

3rd Quarter: 29-42 to Surrey Hurricanes

The third quarter saw the Henley Hawks face an uphill battle as the Surrey Hurricanes asserted their dominance, widening the gap on the scoreboard with a commanding lead of 29-42. Despite the Hawks’ best efforts, the Hurricanes maintained relentless pressure, capitalising on opportunities and capitalising on the Hawks’ minor errors.

In a bid to turn the tide, the Hawks made strategic changes to their lineup, introducing fresh legs and tactical adjustments. Aston Morris took to the court as GK, showcasing remarkable agility and delivering crucial tips to disrupt the Hurricanes’ attacking plays. However, midway through the quarter, Toby Garbett was called upon to replace Morris due to injury.

Annabel Garbett entered the fray as GD, providing a solid presence alongside the seasoned Claire Moyses, who swapped positions with her halfway through the quarter. Lou Todd moved into WD position and applied persistent pressure on the Hurricanes’ WA, demonstrating unwavering determination in her duties.

In the centre court, Andy Phillips assumed the role of Centre, orchestrating plays with precision and delivering impeccable feeds into the shooting circle to set up scoring opportunities for Javi Marin-Florido, who remained a formidable force in the GS position. Emma Robinson’s versatility shone through as she maintained her position as WA, while Kate Tremayne exhibited patience and accuracy in the GA role, contributing crucial points to the Hawks’ tally.

Despite the Hawks’ valiant efforts, the Hurricanes dominated proceedings in the third quarter, capitalising on their opponents’ minor errors and maintaining a relentless attack onslaught. The Hawks faced an uphill battle as they struggled to contain the Hurricanes’ attacking skills and execute their game plan effectively.

As the third quarter drew to a close, the Hawks found themselves trailing by a significant margin, with the Hurricanes firmly in control of the match. With one quarter remaining, the Hawks would need to dig deep, regroup, and summon all their resilience and determination to mount a comeback in the final stages of the match.

4th Quarter: Henley Hawks Rally Back

The final quarter of the intense showdown between the Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad and the Surrey Hurricanes witnessed a remarkable display of determination and resilience from the Hawks. With their backs against the wall, the Hawks refused to concede defeat, summoning every ounce of their strength and spirit to mount a stirring comeback.

The defensive unit remained steadfast, with Toby Garbett commanding the GK position with unwavering focus and determination. Claire Moyses, in the GD position, showcased her defensive strength once again, closing down options for the Hurricanes and forcing turnovers to ignite the Hawks’ counterattacks.

Parveen Mahmood, operating as WD, executed a double mid court strategy to disrupt the Hurricanes’ GA, effectively cutting off their supply lines and limiting their scoring opportunities. Midway through the quarter, Lou Todd back on as WD injecting fresh energy into the lineup, providing additional defensive pressure and intensifying the Hawks’ defensive efforts.

In the centre court, Dani Marin-Florido epitomised relentless pressure, dictating the tempo of the game and disrupting the Hurricanes’ attacking rhythm with his defensive strength. Emma Robinson continued to orchestrate plays with precision and vision from the WA position, driving the Hawks forward with her creativity and leadership.

In the shooting circle, Kate Tremayne and Javi Marin-Florido formed a formidable partnership, working in perfect harmony to unlock the Hurricanes’ defence and convert crucial scoring chances. Tremayne’s impeccable shooting accuracy combined with Marin-Florido’s commanding presence under the post proved to be a potent combination, as they relentlessly chipped away at the Hurricanes’ lead.

With each possession, the Hawks grew in confidence, feeding off the energy of the crowd and the collective determination of their teammates. Their relentless pursuit of victory paid off as they mounted a stirring comeback, clawing their way back into contention with each goal scored.

Despite their valiant efforts, the Henley Hawks fell short in the end, with the final score reflecting a 42-55 loss to the Surrey Hurricanes. While the outcome may not have been in their favour, the Hawks showcased immense character and resilience throughout the match.

In a fitting tribute to their outstanding performance, despite the defeat, Emma Robinson was named Player of the Match, her versatility, leadership, and unwavering commitment shining brightly on the court.

As the final whistle blew, the Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad displayed sportsmanship in defeat, acknowledging the Hurricanes’ victory while also acknowledging their own efforts. Though they may have lost the match, the Hawks’ indomitable spirit and determination remain a testament to their strength as a team.

Back from left to right – Lou Todd – Claire Moyses – Aston Morris – Toby Garbett – Annabel Garbett – Javi Marin-Florido
Front from left to right – Andy Phillips – Kate Tremayne – Emma Robinson – Emma Robinson – Parveen Mahmood – Dani Marin-Florido

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