New Volunteers Needed to Take Over Illuminated Boat Parade

The Illuminated Boat Parades in Henley in 2022 and 2023 were a huge success with over 50 boats taking part and approximately 3000 spectators.  It was a great fun evening of entertainment for the whole Henley community.

Chris Taylor and Penny Palmano, who previously organised the event, have moved abroad and are not in the UK enough to plan and deliver the event going forward.

It would be such a shame to let such a popular event lapse, so Chris and Penny are looking for someone, or a group of people, to volunteer to be involved and ensure the event continues to thrive.

Chris said, “Claire who has helped as Administrator on both events is happy to continue in this role to assist the new team and help run the event. The format for the event is established and works, and there is a lot of existing equipment that is paid for and available. There is some modest funding in place to cover some of the costs for the 2024 event.  The event will take place on Saturday 14 September if we can get volunteers in place.”

If you are interested and would like further details, please email:



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