Gillotts Flies Green Flag

Gillotts School have been awarded the Green Flag award for their ongoing commitment to sustainability.

The award is part of Keep Britain tidy’s Eco-Schools scheme, which encourages young people to care for their local environment. In order to apply for the award students completed a 7 step framework and developed eco-projects improving the sustainability of their school.

The school’s eco-committee also selected three key themes to improve throughout the year, with students choosing energy, biodiversity and being global citizens.

Mrs Michael, who runs the eco-committee with the students, says that “they are at the surveying stage” of reducing energy use. However, the lights in the school’s science rooms have already been replaced with more energy efficient ones fitted with sensors; switching off when nobody is in a classroom. She also added that the committee is currently gathering data on the school’s energy consumption and investigating sustainable energy sources.

Another project the committee have completed is the creation of a nature corridor made from bushes planted along the school field.

The students have decided to concentrate on fair trade as part of their global citizens topic. They engage in conversations about the potential impact of their actions on other communities.

Mrs Michael said it was important for schools to take part in climate action as they are a “place of education” and should teach people on the effects of climate change and what they can do about the issue.

To involve other members of the school, the committee has run a competition with tutor groups competing to grow their own plants.  The competition aimed to show young people how easy gardening is, with Mrs Michael saying that “by modelling what can be done, hopefully people think about what they can do.”




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