Henley Town Council Plan to Install Water Fountain at Mill Meadows

Henley Town Council is looking to install a water fountain at Mill Meadows. The proposed fountain received unanimous support from the Recreation & Amenities Committee during Tuesday’s committee meeting.

The initiative stems from previous suggestions to reduce single-use plastics in Henley and requests from the public for access to drinking water in recreational areas. Requests were made for a water fountain during the consultation for the new adventure playground at Mill Meadows, and feedback from staff at the adventure golf course has also reflected the public’s desire for drinking water facilities.

The recommended water fountain, the MIW Endura II fountain with a dog bowl, has a water bottle refill, fountain for direct drinking, and a dog bowl. This option was chosen for its features, design, and balance of price.

The proposed location for the fountain – by the towpath in front of the adventure golf course – was chosen for its proximity to a water source, visibility on the Thames Path, and accessibility to park amenities that make it an ideal spot for walkers, dog owners, and park visitors alike.

The total cost for the fountain and installation amounts to £8,750 (£4,525 for the fountain itself, £3,880 for installation, and £345 miscellaneous costs). Although concerns were raised regarding the high cost, the committee unanimously passed the resolution to recommend the allocation of funds for the water fountain project (pending approval from the Finance Strategy and Management Committee).

Mayor Kellie Hinton said, “I think Henley Plastic Reduction, which Councillor Sarah Miller is a huge part of, will be really excited about this so I can’t wait to let her know.”


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  1. HG says:

    Have councillors fully explored and considered the potential for excessive/over use (and therefore abuse ie. cost of supply) by moored boat owners, filling large containers, if located in this position on the towpath, rather than simply by grateful ‘passers by’ and visitors?


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