My Work Experience at the Henley Herald

Gillotts school have recently restarted their work experience scheme, with students in Year 10 finding placements at local companies or further afield. The week lasted from the 7-10  May, a week after we had finished our mock exams (which was a welcome break from revision). It aimed to teach us valuable leadership and employability skills and was a chance for us to develop relationships with different employers. Most importantly, the week would confirm students’ passion for a particular field, or would show them that the type of work they had chosen wasn’t suited to them.

Luckily, I very much enjoyed my week working for the Herald and would definitely like to pursue a career in Journalism. Whilst with the Herald I’ve learned lots about the skills needed for the job. For example, I was able to carry out an interview based on a set of questions I’d prepared and then transcribe the appropriate quotes. My favorite part of the whole experience was writing and publishing articles for the site, which I found very rewarding.

Overall, working at the Herald has been an interesting and enjoyable opportunity and I’m thankful to both Michaela at the Herald and my School for providing it.



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