Henley Hawks Mixed Seal Their First Win in the England Men’s and Mixed National League Series

In an remarkable display of teamwork and skill, the Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad soared to victory against Norwich Phoenix in Round 4 of the England Men’s and Mixed National series. Facing off at a neutral ground in Cambridge, the Hawks showcased their strengths and skills from the first whistle, securing their first victory of the series with an impressive 57-24 win over their opponents.
The Hawks wasted no time asserting their dominance on the court. Led by the formidable defensive duo of Sarah Kenyon and Javi Marin Florido, Henley applied relentless pressure on the Norwich attack. Kenyon’s adept positioning in the goal shooter space forced turnovers, while Marin Florido’s impeccable interceptions stifled any attempts to breach the Hawks’ defence.
Charlotte Hopper, stationed strategically at the top of the defensive circle, expertly coordinated with team captain Dani Marin Florido and Lou Todd to transition the ball into the attacking zone. Meanwhile, Stephen Kelly and Emma Robinson displayed patience and precision in the attacking circle, capitalising on opportunities to widen the score gap.
The first quarter concluded with the Hawks leading 13-8, setting the tone for the rest of the match.
With a solid lead established, the Hawks made strategic changes for the second quarter. Eden Wakefield-James and Rayon Atkinson stepped onto the court as the new defensive pairing, seamlessly continuing the defensive prowess showcased by their predecessors. Their relentless pressure and well-timed interceptions fuelled the Hawks’ momentum, enabling swift transitions from defence to attack.
Lou Todd’s speed and agility proved instrumental in delivering pinpoint passes into the shooting circle, where Emma Robinson and Javi Marin-Florido capitalised on scoring opportunities with clinical precision. Charlotte Hopper’s defensive skills remained unwavering, forming a formidable trio with Wakefield-James and Atkinson.
At halftime, the Hawks maintained their lead with a commanding score-line, 30-13.
As the game progressed into the third quarter, the Hawks made further positional adjustments to optimise their performance. Emma Robinson transitioned to the WA position, showcasing versatility and adaptability. Kate Tremayne made her mark on the court, forming a dynamic partnership with Javi Marin-Florido in the attacking end.
Wakefield-James and Atkinson continued to apply relentless defensive pressure, forcing errors and turnovers from the Norwich attack. Hawks maintained their composure and executed plays with ease, further extending their lead as the quarter drew to a close. The score stood at 47-19 in favour of the Hawks.
Entering the final quarter with a commanding lead, the Hawks remained focused and determined to finish strong. With fresh legs and energy on the court, Stephen Kelly made an impact at centre, contributing to the team’s fluidity and cohesion. The entire squad displayed exceptional teamwork and determination, showcasing their depth and versatility.
As the final whistle blew, the Henley Hawks celebrated a well-deserved victory, with a final score of 57-24. In addition to their on-court performance, the Hawks exemplified true sportsmanship throughout the match.
In recognition of her outstanding performance and pivotal role in the team’s success, Emma Robinson was named Player of the Match. Robinson’s skilful play and versatility on the court were instrumental in guiding the Hawks to victory.
The Henley Hawks Mixed Performance squad’s triumph against Norwich Phoenix marks a significant milestone in their journey through the England Men’s and Mixed National series, setting the stage for future successes as they continue to showcase their talent and determination on the court.
Back from left to right – Rayon Atkinson – Lou Todd – Charlotte Hopper – Kate Tremayne – Sarah Kenyon – Lou Porter (Emotional Proud Coach)
Front from left to right – Stephen Kelly – Eden Wakefield-James – Emma Robinson – Dani Marin-Florido (Captain) – Javi Marin-Florido
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