Lucy Publishes How to Have Extraordinary Relationships Book

Lucy Cavendish counsellor, writer, broadcaster and podcaster has just published her book How to Have Extraordinary Relationships (with absolutely everybody).

The book includes Lucy’s seven tips for improving relationships and achieving connection with the most important people in your life.

Over the years Lucy Cavendish’s practice has been inundated with clients desperate for help: they are lost, lonely, panicking and looking for ways to improve their key relationships with their co-workers, friends, siblings and partners. Lucy said, “We all get in stuck certain patterns in our daily lives, or may find ourselves dissatisfied with our friendships and other relationships, and not know how to improve things. Yet small fixes are right there at our fingertips and can make a huge difference to our happiness and wellbeing. I truly believe there is someone out there for everybody and I am committed to helping you call in happy healthy love. I am an acclaimed alchemist of love. I don’t just coach this work. I LIVE this work. Two years ago, when my life fell apart, I realised I was turning myself inside out to make everyone else’s life amazing whilst sacrificing myself. I was having endless relationships with people who took from me without giving back. I was exhausted, anxious, panicked and lonely. Now my life has utterly changed. I put my needs first and I am having the relationships I have never thought I could have where I am chosen, supported, loved and honoured. This transformation is what I create with my clients.”

Using case studies, some carefully selected statistics and her own years of professional experience, Lucy presents examples and clear, actionable advice that readers can use to deal with a range of challenges that they may be facing, whether large or small.

Lucy regularly features in The London Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, television and radio. Her podcast Later Dater is available on Spotify and her book How to Have Extraordinary Relationships With Absolutely Everybody priced £16.99 and is available at the Bell Bookshop.

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  1. David Kisilevsky says:

    A genuinely thought-provoking read which has made me completely re-think my approach to relationships. Buy this book!


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