Barge’s Cabin Ripped Off as it Hits Bridge

A long 70ft+ barge named Maria Christina hit Henley bridge on Monday (13 May) at around 2.00pm, ripping off the cabin and chipping off a number of the curved bridge stones from the central archway.

The above video was captured by a lady visiting the town who was sat on the terrace at The Angel on the Bridge.  Afterwards she sent the video to local resident Ian Gibson who was also at The Angel who took the photo below before the boat hit the bridge and the damaged it caused to the bridge afterwards.

Ian said, “I was sat with a friend watching the boats and took a photo of the boat because I thought it was quite pretty not knowing what would happen next.  The river was running quite fast and we could see that the skipper was making adjustments as it was going through the bridge but I think as it went through the strong undercurrents under the bridge swayed it from centre and the 7/8ft cabin was ripped off with the glass and wood flying everywhere and going into the river.  It was amazing that no one got hurt.  There were 3 gentlemen on board and they were seen afterwards.  They didn’t stop and only looked liked they paused at Phyllis Court but then went straight on towards Hambleden.  I advised the Environment Agency and gave them the boat name.  It looks like it has taken at least 3 stones off the arch.”

We advised Oxfordshire County Council yesterday of the incident who are responsible for the maintenance of the bridge.  A spokesperson for OCC said, “Thank you for making us aware of this incident. An officer will inspect the bridge to assess any damage and, if necessary, arrange for repairs to be carried out.  We will also seek details of the boat and its registered owner to recover the cost of any repairs.”

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  1. Jim Sneddon says:

    Am glad that everyone is ok, but I am getting a bit fed up of boats smashing our lovely bridge to bits. Eventually it will become unsafe and cause massive disruption to our town residents and traders.


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