No Effect on Bus Services After Arriva Announce Proposed Closure of Depot

Arriva buses last week announced that they had opened a consultation on the proposed closure of their High Wycombe depot which would affect the 800/850/X80 services to and from Henley, however Oxfordshire County Council have said there should be no loss of service on this route.

A spokesperson for Arriva said, “Despite extensive efforts to turn the situation around, including making network changes to better reflect local demand, both sites continue to be loss-making. There will be no immediate impact on services and we will work with local authority partners to explore ways to minimise the impact, should we withdraw services. Arriva will continue to operate the 800 service on behalf of Oxfordshire for the remainder of the agreed contract term.”

A spokesperson for Oxfordshire County Council said, “The Arriva service is due to end on 28 July. Carousel Buses have registered a replacement service on similar times to the Arriva service and, as a result, there should be no loss of service on the 800/850 corridor.  There is no contract with Arriva for the main service, only for certain evening journeys and a diversion via Binfield Heath. Carousel Buses have indicated their willingness to continue with both arrangements. Therefore, at the present time we are confident there will be no loss of service on this route.”


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  1. David Dickie says:

    Had been hoping we might get rid of those diesel fumes from outside Starbucks.
    People especially children are vulnerable in areas of high pollution especially with carbon particulates.
    Oxford is going electric for it’s buses. Arriva should have a plan to migrate.
    Clean Air for Henley


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