New Historical Plaque on Henley Inventor & Engineer Unveiled

A new historical plaque charting the life of Humphrey Gainsborough was unveiled by Henley Mayor, Councillor Rory Hunt and Reverend Glyn Millington on the wall outside the Christ Church Centre on Reading Road last week.

The plaque outlines the wonderful achievements of the Henley engineer and inventor which have included a steam engine, the chain lock and Conway bridge on the Wargrave Road.  Humphrey and his wife Mary were buried in grounds next to the Christ Church Centre and the Gainsborough estate was named after him where there is also a plaque at the entrance to the estate. Viv Greenwood from the Henley Archaeological and Historical Group (HAHG) completed the research for this plaque and all the others around the town.  Viv said, “I was fascinated by the man and his achievements and always meant to create a plaque for Christ Church, close to where him and his wife were buried, under the rhubarb patch in Rev. Millington’s garden.  I’d like to thank to Hilary Fisher, Pete Crook and the River and Rowing Museum for their illustrations and Mark Baker for the plaque design.”

The plaque was funded by Henley Town Council and the Mayor was joined by former Mayor Kellie Hinton, members of the HAHG, friends and neighbours.

Rory said, “It was an honour to be invited to the unveiling of this new plaque – my first official duty as Mayor. The boards are so valuable for tourists and residents alike. Viv does such a fantastic job gathering the information together for the town and I thank everyone involved in this project.”


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