Chiltern Centre to Present The Silent Boy at The Kenton

On the back of a well-received performance of Bahdoon last year, The Chiltern Centre are full of eager anticipation to bring you The Silent Boy at The Kenton this Sunday (2 June).

The play has been created by Sarah Griffiths, Drama Therapist and directed by Gareth John, Music Therapist.

This is a story of The Boy,  in a land in the distant future, who chooses to remain silent.   Falling asleep in front of a village campfire, his dream takes him on a journey far away from his loved ones and through many challenges, until he discovers a mysterious box….

The Silent Boy is a story of triumph over adversity, suitable for the whole family.  You can expect a range of emotion, good humour, singing and creative music.  It is performed by an enthusiastic, confident cast of Buddies Group members, who would thrive with a full and friendly audience.

Gareth John said: “The rehearsals for this year’s show – The Silent Boy have gone at a pace and really well and the main reason for this is due to the enthusiasm, energy and expressive need seen in all the young people involved.   Last year we were very much treading into new territory with it being our first venture as a group into creating a theatre piece, but the long term positive effect of that performance stayed in these young people’s minds and hearts which which resulted this year in a huge eagerness and confidence to once again tread the boards of the Kenton Theatre.”

“The impact of the arts in health and in our community is well publicised today, with its capacity to forge connections, promote relatability and empathy as well as grow within us all a sense of self worth and equality. We at the Chiltern Centre in Henley in association with the Kenton theatre are so thankful to live in, and be a part of a community that promotes this, providing for our young people of all abilities the means to express, grow and thrive.”

“The young people of the Chiltern Centre in Henley look forward to embracing you with their performance of The Silent Boy at the Kenton Theatre.”

Izzy Ansell, PR & Marketing Manager at The Chiltern Centre added: “It would be so amazing to have some of our lovely supportive local community in the audience, it was such a wonderful, uplifting experience last year, a real ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for both the performers experiencing being on stage and the audience watching young adults with disabilities enjoy performing. We had many proud family members who wont forget it, to have local children and families come too would be wonderful.”

Come and show your support for your local short break and day care centre for people with learning disabilities, as Chiltern Centre celebrate their 20th anniversary and take to the stage!

Ticket Prices: Adult £11.50, Chid £6.50 and can be booked via


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