Rachael New Manager for Henley Music School

Since announcing that they were financially struggling, Henley Music School (HMS) has managed to secure enough funds to employ a part-time Manager.

Rachael Pedley joins the team at HMS, with Laura Reineke continuing as CEO and figurehead, the highly experienced teacher and violinist with Rachael taking on all the administration, recruitment and day to day running of this local charity.  Rachael has played in the Devon Youth Orchestra, National Children’s Orchestra, National Youth Sinfonia, Musicale Young Artist Symphony Orchestra and now leads Marlow Orchestra.

Founded around 18 years ago in response to the governments cuts in funding for schools, HMS stepped in to fill the gap, quickly rising from just a few individual lessons and after school clubs to providing every school in Henley with musical activities and day to day music provision.

Unfortunately due to COVID, cost of living and everyone feeling the pinch, they struggled to raise the £60k a year needed to run, so Laura Reineke resigned in August in order to save the charity money, but continued running it voluntarily.

Laura said: “Having set up and run HMS for 18 years, it is time for a fresh mind, I am no longer teaching, or in touch with the children, which Rachael is.  I am still responsible for HMS and in charge overall, but having Rachael on our team will bring a whole new dimension.  I’ve known Rachael for many years, she is a brilliant musician, kind and dedicated – everything you’d want in a colleague, and in charge of the education of young people.   After so many years of hard work, many voluntarily I am relieved that I have found just the right person to take over HMS.”

Along with Rachael’s appointment HMS are launching their new programme of full-class instrumental lessons within local schools, and driving an endangered instrument programme to encourage children to take up instruments that are becoming “endangered”.

Rachael added: “We are finding that children are only learning piano, drums, guitar and singing, when there are so many more fantastic instruments to learn.  Therefore we are going to be offering lessons with subsidies in these instruments for instance: Bassoon, trombone, oboe, double bass and tuba.  If you’d like to find out more about our provision, please email me at: henleymusicschoolmanager@gmail.com.  I am so pleased to be able to step into this position at HMS, it is an amazing charity keeping music education alive in Henley.”

HMS are looking for sponsorship to fund Rachael’s salary, her role is vital to the running and future of HMS.  If your business would like to discuss this opportunity, please email henleymusicschool@gmail.com


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