Henley Hawks Soar to Victory in Intense Rematch Against Ascot Gladiators

In a highly anticipated rematch between the Henley Hawks Mixed Development Team and the Ascot Gladiators, both teams displayed unwavering determination from the onset. Zoe Burroughs and Aleesha Traynor led the charge for the Hawks, showcasing their scoring skills early in the first quarter, with Burroughs at GS and Traynor at GA. Their seamless coordination put the Hawks ahead with a score of five goals to four.
However, the Gladiators mounted a formidable response in the second quarter, applying relentless pressure on the Hawks’ defence. Despite the valiant efforts of Charlie Jordan and Juliet Machan in the defensive end, the Gladiators managed to edge ahead, leading 12 goals to 10 by halftime.
Undeterred by the Gladiators’ surge, the Hawks regrouped during the halftime break, determined to reclaim their advantage. Led by captain Aleesha Traynor’s inspiring leadership, the team fought back fiercely in the third quarter. With Nikki Stubbs orchestrating the team’s transitions as WA and Dani Marin-Florido directing play as C, the Hawks narrowed the gap and seized the lead once again, with Burroughs and Traynor capitalising on scoring opportunities.
As the final quarter commenced, tension hung thick in the air as both teams battled fiercely for supremacy. Elise Russell’s tenacity and defensive skills as WD denying the Gladiators’ advances, allowing the Hawks to maintain their momentum. In the shooting circle, Burroughs and Traynor continued to shine, with Traynor’s dynamic playmaking and Burroughs’ clinical finishing extending the Hawks’ lead.
In the defensive end, Jordan and Machan formed an impenetrable wall, supported by Toby Garbett and Aston Morris when called upon. Their relentless pressure disrupted the Gladiators’ attacking rhythm, frustrating their attempts to mount a comeback.
As the final whistle blew, the Henley Hawks Mixed Development Team emerged victorious, securing a commanding lead of 22 goals to 14. Player of the Match honours rightfully went to Aleesha Traynor, whose exceptional performance and leadership were instrumental in guiding the Hawks to victory.
Overall, it was a thrilling and physically demanding encounter, showcasing the Hawks’ resilience and teamwork. Each player contributed significantly to the team’s success, highlighting the depth and talent of the Henley Hawks Mixed Development Team.
Huge thanks to Ascot Gladiators, we look forward to a rematch soon.
Back From left to right – Aston Morris – Nikki Stubbs – Charlie Jordan – Toby Garbett
Front From left to right – Elise Russell – Aleesha Traynor – Juliet Machan – Zoe Burroughs – Dani Marin-Florido

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