Henley Hawks Lose Out to Knights in National Series Finale

The Henley Hawks Mixed Performance Squad took to the netball court this weekend for their final game of the National Series against the formidable Knights. Despite the final score of 60-19 in favour of the Knights, the Hawks displayed remarkable grit, determination, and talent throughout the match.
From the opening whistle, it was clear this was going to be a highly physical and competitive encounter. The Hawks started strong, with GK Parveen Mahmood, making several impressive blocks early on, trying to keep the Knights’ shooters at bay. As the ball moved down the court, GD Rayon Atkinson and WD Eden Wakefield-James were relentless, intercepting passes and disrupting the Knights’ flow with their tenacious play.
Stephen Kelly C orchestrated the game, distributing the ball with precision and ensuring a smooth transition from defence to attack. His vision and quick decision-making were pivotal in maintaining the Hawks’ rhythm. WA and Captain Emma Robinson consistently dynamic and creative, constantly creating space and opportunities for the Hawks’ shooters.
GA Toby Garbett and GS Alex Jacob at
formed a formidable attacking duo, their movements and chemistry evident as they worked tirelessly to find scoring opportunities. Garbett’s sharp shooting and Jacob’s positioning posed a constant threat to the Knights’ defence.
As the game progressed, the Knights began to pull away, but the Hawks refused to back down. Impact players Charlie Jordan, Lou Porter, and Shannon Stephenson entered the game, bringing fresh energy and new dynamics to the court. Jordan’s versatility and Stephenson’s experience provided stability, while Porter’s aggressive defence added a new layer of intensity.
Despite the Knights’ growing lead, the Hawks continued to fight. Every pass, intercept, and shot was a testament to their dedication and teamwork. The final whistle blew with a score-line that didn’t reflect the Hawks’ relentless effort and skill.
Special congratulations go to Stephen Kelly, who was named Player of the Match for his outstanding performance in the centre, and to Lou Porter, who was honoured as the Umpires’ Player of the Match for her impactful contributions on the court.
While the Henley Hawks may have concluded their National Series with this match, their performance against the Knights showcased their potential and resilience. Each player contributed to a game that, despite the score, highlighted the strength and spirit of the squad. The future looks promising for the Hawks as they continue to build and strengthen their team.

Back From left to right – Eden Wakefield-James – Stephen Kelly – Rayon Atkinson – Toby Garbett – Charlie Jordan – Alex Jacob

Front from left to right – Lou Porter – Parveen Mahmood – Captain Emma Robinson – Shannon Stephenson


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