Special Artwork on Meadows to Commemorate D-Day

Richard Pinches together with Simon Hughes of Origin Amenity Solutions have created another piece of large artwork to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Mill Meadows.

This is third time they have worked together; the first was the new King’s Cypher for the King’s coronation and the second was a large poppy for Remembrance in November last year.

Richard who is the Henley Poppy Appeal organiser asked Henley Town Council for their permission.  He worked with Simon to create a large 20m x 30m design which was then programme into a robot filled with white paint.

He said, “Simon’s company these GPS robots for sports fields marking and he’s able to input various other designs although they are a bit limited.  I was able to work with him and design a  reasonably attractive D-Day 80 design without being too complicated which the robots were able to handle. It is painted with environmentally friendly white paint.  It won’t last forever but whilst it’s there I have already seen children use the lines as a play area by the river and I hope that if they don’t know the meaning of what they see they can ask their parents who will hopefully enlighten them. I hope to simply raise awareness for those whose served and those that lost their lives on that momentous day eighty years ago. The biggest land invasion in history which was the big turning point in the Second World War.”


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